Yeay! more to harvest!

Today we picked our broccoli from the garden. It's not alot because it was just an experiment to see if it will grow so I only planted 9 plants. Well it definitely grew. And in the past week it really grew! All that rain and sunshine is very good for it.
It's just over a pound (1 1/4 lb) but it's definitely enough for the two of us and we had some already today for dinner. Home grown organic broccoli with no pesticides of any kind. It's probably cheaper to buy in the store for $.99/lb but I think I like this one instead. I left the stalks in place and just cut off crowns so hoping that it will continue to grow from other buds.

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  1. Such a sense of accomplishment when you can grow your own food.
    Great idea leaving the stalks in place- new crowns should regenerate.
    Love the new blog.