Salads and Radishes harvest

Another couple of busy weeks flew by, and I really need to set aside time to do some blogging. Garden is producing, every day I pick greens for eating and even few radishes for snaking.

Something is always in bloom around the house, which makes me happy as I get to see busy bees flying around from flower to flower. They can use all the help they can get with nectar after hard winter.
At the farm things are really speeding up, and I've spent two weekends planting potatoes, onions, tomatoes and peppers, asian greens, beans, carrots, beets, melons, brassicas. Next weekend I'll be planting popcorn and decorative corn (not a big fan of eating type), squashes, cucumbers, basil, more tomatoes and more peppers.

During the week I'll go to the community garden and plant that area out. It's a busy time for everyone. How does your garden grow?

Blooming, budding and first harvest

It's been a hectic few weeks and I haven't had a chance to really keep up with the blog, but the work in garden in spring doesn't end. Everything is in bloom, trees budding and flowers are in overdrive after long winter. Unfortunately Mother Nature still trowing hissy fits - last week of April we got surprise snow/ice showers, and this week it was 85 degrees. Insane. Looks like we skipped spring season and went straight to summer.  But either way, I'm happy with everything growing. Weeds and all. And some flowers and fruit trees in bloom. I'm really enjoying my dafs and tulips.. Some of them are just gorgeous.

In the front the azaleas are in full bloom, and inside sweet potato slips are growing like crazy. Another few days and I'll be tearing them off and starting to root in soil.

Cherry Tree is showing a lot of promise of actually having a chance to harvest fruit (if birds and squirrels will let us have any),  together with nectarine that is LOADED with flowers and even few on peach tree. I will pull most of these off though, because the trees are very young and I don't want to overwhelm them. Will try to keep couple of piece of fruit to see how they taste.And the red currant bushes are also loaded with fruit, but given how much they were damaged by caterpillars last year I don't dare to keep hope for this time around.

First harvests of asparagus and first greens have been picked - deliciousness!  There really is nothing better than fresh right off the bed spring greens.
And of course first few morels were picked as well. Dratted deer got most of them, but I did find few untouched.
 Really wish we had a VERY TALL fence all around the entire property to keep them out and minimize damage - it's insane how much they eat EVERYTHING in the property. Anything outside of fenced area - cherry, walnut, blueberries, roses, tulips, raspberries - all have tremendous damage :(