Seedlings have grown!

Remember my tiny cups where I put few seeds and let them grow so I can have my own plants? Well this is how they looked like before and after - a short comparison just for fun.
Here are they just "woke up" and starting to grow in the first week. Fast forward two month later...
Not so tiny anymore! And I placed couple of beans into the pot just to see if they'll grow together. Seem to be doing ok. Beans are natural fertilizers so it should help my tomatoes. And these two are not so small anymore. They even have flower buds. I'm looking forward to trying this type of tomato - if I remember right this should be Brandywine.
These are watermelon that were also planted from seeds . You might remember them when they were very small in the same tray as my cucumbers .
I don't have "baby" pictures of my yellow squash but it seem to be doing ok in the container. Both watermelon and squash will need space to spread out so having them on a deck is a good idea.
I know it might be hard to imagine for some but you really don't have to buy every single plant in the store. It gets expensive and if you're going to grow more than 2 plants each - get yourself some seeds and grow your own. It really not that difficult to do either. Seeds can be preserved for couple of years so it's a big cost saver, not to mention really a lot of fun to watch and see how they progress from tiny little things that barely visible above ground to a 3 foot plants, :o)


  1. Another good entry would be how to preserve seeds. The ones left over that is. I'm sure you will post something later on preserving the ones growing now. :-)

  2. Definitely will be one of the entries :)