Flowers vs Food

"I want my garden to be pretty and covered with flowers!". I hear it all the time. Well guess what, so do I! Just because I grow veggies in my garden it doesn't mean that it's not pretty with flowers. Just wait until everything picks up and starts blooming.
From early spring time I had Tulips and Hyacinths, then came Lily of the Valley and Lilacs with Azaleas and Rhododendron and roses. Everything was in bloom. I was very surprised by the Lilacs because we didn't know they were there. When we bought our home we didn't get a list of what's where and since it was fall most of the shrubs lost their leaves. So to see this beauty bloom was one of the nicer surprises. And it sits on the side of the drive way so it's in a good spot.

The same was with azaleas. Very pretty and nice spring surprise for us. And we have white ones, bright red and purple making the entire landscape very bright and cheery after dreadful winter. And while my shrubs were blooming my veggies were growing and now they're in bloom as well.

Just take a look at these gorgeous pea flowers. Not only they look great but they also smell heavenly. And after they're done blooming you get to pick peas for your meal. It's a win-win situation. And they're not just in my pots - I planted them all along the border of my garden so as they grow and wind around my fence they create 'green' border with flowers. Nice for the eyes and good for snacking later. And another good part is that they'll be blooming for several weeks so it's on-going beauty. And after they'll be gone my gladiolus that are planted right next to them in the same row should be in bloom. Not to mention my eggplants and tomatoes will pick up as well by that time. They also can be quite striking in appearance. And if you really want some nice pretty flowers why not plant Nasturtium? It's beautiful and its flowers can be used in salads. There are many choices of what you can do. You just need to choose to do it.

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