How to use what you grow

Sometimes people ask me - do you really use all those herbs and greens that you're growing? And honestly their question is more surprising to me than my answer to them - of course we try to use everything in the garden! Sometimes I do get too many greens so I share them with others, like arugula that decided to grow like weed and we just can't keep up with it so I snip some and give it away. But there are few things that I use all the time - like spinach, sorrel, dill, parsley, thyme, rosemary and oregano.
This parsley and dill were picked fresh this afternoon and used in my chicken dish for dinner. Last week I made soup with sorrel - very easy to make yet also very refreshing and can be eaten hot or cold.
Sorrel gives it slightly tangy lemony taste that's very satisfying on the hot summer day. And of course my typical lunch - fresh salad tossed with my own greens. I have several types of salads but the first one I had was with arugula, spinach and radishes.
Just added sliced turkey breast and egg and my salad was done. No need for any dressing because greens are so nice and fresh and juicy that it didn't need anything else. Now I'm looking forward to some snap peas that are in bloom for stirfry and broccoli for side dish.

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