Spinach anyone?

This morning we did some yard work and I cleaned out one of my garden beds. Or actually part of it only. Here is what it looked like before. See on the back all those greens? Those were radishes, spinach and dill. Ignore the front bed for now. That's our salads, arugula and sorrel rows.
So today we picked out all our spinach from the first bed. It's not altered variety so it was about to go into bloom - started forming stalks. New varieties are designed to keep them regular longer. But even with the short lifespan it gave us quite a bit of harvest. We've been eating it in salads, sauteing it in butter and giving it away. So how much did we pick?
How about a basket full of spinach! It's equivalent of full grocery bag of greens. Don't know about you but for me that's a tad much. So we'll saute some of it and the rest will be in the fridge for now. At least it "shrinks" when it's cooked. We'll figure out what to do with it later. Maybe Peter can take some with him to work for his secretary. He's been giving her some arugula because we have too much so maybe she'll want spinach as well.

We also plucked out all radishes because they were overgrown and instead I planted more salad seeds. Two weeks ago I planted more radishes between spinach rows so they're just waking up and first leaves are showing up. Which is good timing because now that all greens are gone they can spread out and start growing. Hopefully in two more weeks we'll have fresh crops. This way we're constantly rotating and keep things growing.

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