Best part - Harvesting!

So what is all that hard work comes to at the end and is it worth it? You'll be the judge to that question.
Looks yummy, doesn't it? Now picture soon-to-be 3 yr olds picking them up and eating on the spot. They were here yesterday for BBQ and got some fresh berries still warm on the sun. Ok, so they picked some green ones too only because they don't know any better, but it's ok, they're only 3 so can't ask much.
Or a 33 yr old who also likes to sneak to the garden for some goodies and pretend that he's just watching how it grows :) These were picked today. I LOVE to see him eat fresh stuff right on the spot! That's what makes it worth it for me. And the good part he'll be doing this for weeks to come because these strawberries are going to fruit all summer long!

So what's next on the harvest list? Broccoli for sure. It's getting ripe and will need to be cut very shortly.
And of course we eat fresh salads daily with our own lettuces and arugula; and I made sorrel soup last week. It's all coming together. One step at the time :o)


  1. Love it! Here in Ohio, my strawberries are just coming on. I had so many "babies", I replanted 200 plants into a new patch. Can't wait to have all the friends/kids out to pick!

  2. Kara - I started out originally with 4 plants in containers 3 years ago and they keep spreading. This spring I separated them so they keep growing and spreading some more. Can't wait to see how they'll be next year fully grown. We'll definitely won't have to buy another strawberry on the market.