Harvest July 23-29

I cave in and upgraded my account so I could post pictures again.. so here it is - Harvest starting with many pictures from first half of the week.. scroll down for second half afterwards and please be patient.
I couldn't resist to slice one of the Cherokee Purple for my sandwich... YUM!
Ok, back to picking.. Wednesday night was our first cabbage and more carrots.
Then there were more tomatoes..
And squash with cucumber and peppers and some other goodies that did  not make group picture..
Total week is just over 67 lbs of veggies, makes me very happy. Now I need to get chest freezer as I'm completely out of space in my own fridge and freezer.
Edit: Opps, forgot greens - Kale, Swiss Chard and eggplants.

Curing Onions

This year has definitely not been good for my onions. I planted 3 varieties - Red Cabernet, Spanish Yellow for storage and Wala sweet onions - 75 plants each variety. I don't know if it was bad compacted soil, planted too deep, or too hot too fast and not enough water, or all of the above factors, but the results are definitely not as I hoped for. They didn't start bulbing for a very long time and then the heatwave came in and they all fell. Only few were semi-decent size but the rest are very small. Either way they'll end up being used. I'll keep yellow for winter and start cooking with red and whites. This week they were pulled out and were using my fence to hang and dry for couple of days.
The very small that were the size of golfball were taken inside for salads.
Then they were moved to a dark and dry location to continue curing process and will be drying out for at least 4 more weeks. I left most of the whites to stay in the ground for a bit longer as they seem to be still with enough greens to grow but will be pulling them for meals as needed. Let's hope next year will be better.

Picture limit?

Looks like I've reached the limit on my picture space so I'll have to keep it down to just group shots. Oh well. Here's Tuesday harvest.

Mid-July harvest in pictures

This week harvest in pictures. Some veggies had to be tossed away because they were overgrown.

These were picked early Saturday morning last week, but did not make into last post.