Cold-Season veggie planting

This weekend was perfect to plant my cold-season veggies for seedlings that later will be transplanted into beds when outside temperatures stay above 40. This includes some of the brassicas like broccoli, Asian cabbage, kale and some greens.  So far planted are:
Veggies planted
Brocco-Flower - Green Macerata 6
Broccoli - Fiesta 18
Broccoli - Purple Peacock  12
Broccoli - Raab 12
Broccoli - Purple Flower 12
Cauliflower - Purple Of Sicily 6
Brussels Sprouts Rubine 12
Semi-Heading Chinese Cabbage Monument 12
Superschmelz Kohlrabi 12
Yu Choy Sin - Edible Rape 12
Swiss Chard - Flamingo organic 6
Perilla-Red (asian greens) 12
Lettuce - Reine des Glaces crisphead 12
Lettuce - Green Romaine  12
Kale - Winterbor 8
Kale - Nero Di Toscana 4
Asian Greens - Kale Borecole 12
Kale - Chinese 12
Strawberry Spinach 12
Rhodos Endive  12
Double Purple Orach 4

Later in a week I'll do second planting with cabbages and some more greens like Mizuna, Culantro, Fenel and some others. Most of salads will be planted direct in the garden in March so not going to do seedlings for them.

I did start few early tomatoes to use in pots - Black Cherry, Yellow Pear, Azoychka, Black Brandywine, Red Zebra and Black Krim. Also peppers to start early:

Golden Star Pepper 
Jimmy Nardello's Pepper - 2 plants
Pepper - Trinidad Perfume sweet pepper (Capsicum chinense) (from Dave)
Pepper - Aji Angelo hot pepper (C. baccatum) (from Dave)
Pepper - Aji Dulce #2 hot pepper (C. chinense) (from Dave)

Most peppers and tomatoes will be planted in March but I wanted to have few in pots for earlier fruiting. Will see how that works out.