Decisions.. Decisions..

I guess one big question that everyone will ask - what did you plant in the actual garden area? And just like with containers I tried to cram as much as possible in those five beds. On the first bed I have asparagus, lettuce, spinach, dill and radishes. We've been picking radishes and spinach already for couple of weeks.
Second one was lettuces, arugula, parsley, sorrel, carrots and alpine strawberries. Here's a picture of the lettuces and arugula as it was growing. Again, it's been used in our salads for a while now.
Thirds was allocated for regular strawberries that I had in containers. I also planted some broccoli in between smaller plants. They are "cold" blooded veggies so they'll need to be harvested soon because they don't like heat and by that time my strawberries will start to spread out so it's a good match. Though normally they don't like each other's company I think because in this case there is so much space it really doesn't affect them all that much.
Then we have 4th bed with fingerling potatoes, carrots, my tomatoes that I grew from seeds and bell peppers. They are a little slow on the rise but they're getting there. You can see how fingerling's are taking off. Right now they're over a foot tall!
And last one I have a mix - 2 red bell peppers, 2 yellow and orange; 2 ichiban eggplant and 2 white eggplants and a variety of different heirloom tomatoes. There is cherry tomato, Brandywine, Black Prince, Martin, Stripe German and Stripe Cavern and Big Beef. I'll take a picture of them once they get bigger.
On the back of the garden by the wall there are peas and gladiolus planted. They'll be using wired walls for climbing and will provide fertilizer to gladiolus. So stay tuned and I'll keep you up to date on how it's going!

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