Winter time

No, I didn't vanish into thin air. It's been very busy few months for me on the work front and not whole lot happening with the garden. As you might have guessed the harvest season finished early this year. We had first frost in September which did a bit of damage but we still had salads and some green beans for a while. But it's winter time now and with everything frozen over there's not much to do at this point. I cleared out beds before frost, put some fresh manure on top to be slowly absorbed during winter. For some of the outside areas I planted tulips and hyacinths and crocuses just to find out most of them being dug out and eaten by squirrels. I'll try to replant them in spring. Not sure how well it will work but will give it a try anyway.

In the meanwhile we've been enjoying some of the canned stuff that we did in summer - tomato sauces like marinara and salsa for snacking. Definitely had a bit too much of salsa so we've given some away. But winter is going to be long this year so it helps to have things around the house.