Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday season is upon us so I wanted to wish everyone to have a Great Thanksgiving and remind that it's not material things that matter most - it's your friends and family that keep you happy. Today I'm thankful for my husband and my sister, my 3 adorable furbabies Midnight, Lipstic and Shadow, my friends and of course all those who come visit me on the blog.  Even though I haven't been posting much lately about the garden, it's still growing and we're still picking and I hope to do occasional posts until spring time. In the meanwhile, here are some shots of what is still growing around here, starting with some greens in hydroponic -  salads, bok choy and tatsoi. They are all different sizes because we keep picking and replanting continuously.
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In the garden we have carrots, salads, brussels sprouts, chard and kale still growing.
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Inside the house one of my lemons finally has a baby lemon! and a pot with 3 bell peppers is trying to survive the winter - hopefully it will last so I can have earlier peppers next spring.
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Break in harvests

No more harvest post for a while. Last snow storm damaged my main hoophouse and before we were able to fix it cold air killed off all my peppers and beans. I still have some salads and carrots growing, some kale and swiss chard that are also being picked but for now I won't post any  pictures of these harvests. The smaller hoop house in the old garden is still standing and transplants of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages are doing pretty well but not producing yet. We're also using hydroponic greens for salads and sandwiches but I keep forgetting to record these pickings. I'm really starting to miss warmer season where I had all those cucumbers and tomatoes at my fingers. This week I will start two cherry tomato seedlings to see if I can get them to grow inside during winter. So far there is a long pot wit 3 bell peppers in the kitchen so we'll see how that will work out.

First snow storm

Mother Nature is definitely not happy with us this year - we got snow a lot sooner than our usual December or January. But it does look pretty and white covering my back yard.
 Unfortunately it also covered my front yard with my new garden  and collapsed the hoop house on two beds. I haven't been outside yet to see if anything under neath survived. We're expecting warmer temperatures in next two days so will fix it during weekend. Greens might be ok but I'm afraid my experiment with peppers is done.

Harvest Nov 5

Not much going on in the garden these days. The hoop house that was damaged in the small garden was repaired, and the one in the new garden also in place now. There are few peppers growing but I didn't need them this week so did not pick any. Today's harvest is greens - swiss chard, kale and parsley. A handful of beans that I used for my side dish was picked as well but not weighted.
Next few days will be in low 20's so not sure how my hoop house will protect them - will find out the hard way after hard freeze is over. I also planted a bed of garlic that is about 2" tall now so had to pile mulched leafs on top of it to protect it. Hope it will be ok as it has to make it through winter.