Mid-June harvests..

It always starts out small.. one thing at the time... and you think you should have planted more.. More strawberries, more greens.. more everything. Then it ramps up and trickle turns into a stream.  It's the simple pleasures of daily life to go out in to the garden after work, with the basket in your hands, and pick and snip whatever you wish for dinner.
Some are new to the garden and were planted last fall, like Pineberry that is white with red dots. Taste is not that much different. I do prefer Alpine Strawberry (pictured next to the Pineberry) for taste and fragrance. Even if they're smaller.  Added to the fresh salad they are exquisite. Salads have been picked daily and now that scapes are ready to pick I definitely have a variety of flavors.
And of course my snacks - snow peas and shelling peas, and snap peas for stir fry. I didn't plant too many of them unfortunately as the area where I normally plan around the borders is being favored by our resident groundhog. He's not letting any peas or bean get above 4 inches before he gets his paws through the fence and pulls them right out. 
But I still have enough to eat, even have some for jam.. if I ever get my body to cooperate and actually do something with the berries. So far my quick fix solution has been my freezer.
What are you growing and picking this week? Stop by at Daphne's to see what she has going on and share your link.