Spring or Winter?

Is spring going to get here anytime soon? Tonight into tomorrow we're supposed to get buried in up to 2 feet of snow. Or maybe not. They can't seem to agree on the number. We got 4" on Friday and everything is still covered in snow. Which helped me find nice bear tracks this morning.
Of course all the cold weather and snow not stopping me from planting more seeds for summer. My large batch of Black Brandywine has sprouted and will be placed into individual containers in about a week or so, but the very long list of specialty tomatoes will wait until I get back from CA next week to be planted.
And I've planted some flowers to make my gardens pretty - hollyhock just woke up, and I also have snapdragons, asters, zinnias already growing.
Also woke up very early this year is my overwintering Hibiscus - my sister was staying with us in the Addition, so she cranked up heater to 70 and woke up my plants. Figs are awake and growing like crazy, and hibiscus is a happy camper.
So for now we'll bundle up, stock up on food and hibernate for another few days. Then off to sunny CA while my hubby takes care of my plants at home. 

First Flowers

Mother Nature is having a roller-coaster mood swings, with one day at 73 Degrees, and today at 10. But at home I have some of my plants waking up and starting to bloom. My citrus are in blooms, Hibiscus overwintering also decided to bloom early,
And first Lenten Rose - Hellebore has opened up outside by the patio. First of many to come. We have pink, burgundy, golden lotus, and white spotted in varieties. Can't wait for them to bloom.