Planting Garlic and Harvest weekend

It's been very slow two weeks. We get few greens and remaining tomatoes and peppers for meals. And picked up our "surprise" watermelon. It wasn't hot enough for it to fully ripen but it was still tasty. Also picked up some turnips, one of the fall carrots that is very twisted; and found a nice Maitake in the local park under an old oak tree.
And this weekend I planted some of my garlics - German Porcelain Garlic (left) that I had this  year and plenty left for winter, Inchelium Red Garlic (right), and Kettle River Giant (middle) that I ordered new to try.
The new varieties are soft-neck and supposed to have nice flavor with long shelf-life. Will see how they'll perform in my garden and if the flavor is as good as described.  I will plant second wave of more German Porcelain next weekend in large garden bed to have more for green garlic for cooking in spring - I really like their scapes.