Garden update

Last month has been a roller coaster for my garden. We went from very cold spring to 97 and then back to 48 which is really not good for plants. But then it settled down and it really picked up and was doing great for a while. These were my daily harvests. Until our local groundhog found a way to get inside. Witness the power of his destruction - what he didn't eat he trampled and contaminated so all my green lettuces, peas, broccoli, spinach and swiss chard has to be pulled and tossed out. But thankfully not all is lost. Beans started to regrow leaves and since he didn't eat blooms we'll have green beans next week. Onions and garlic are not on his menu and they are doing fabulous. I picked few of each just to try it out. From front to back - red onion, white sweet and yellow onions and 3 heads of garlic. Yummy!