Protecting Your Garden

One of the challenges of having a garden is trying to protect what you grow from birds, deers and furry friends. I know that some people will not hesitate with killing animals but there is no way I would ever do that to any living creature. No traps, poison or guns here. They have the right to live just like people or even more so because honestly they were here first and we're trespassing on their turf. We're the invaders and not the other way around. But at the same time I still like to harvest something edible so I try to be creative when it comes to my greenery. First my DF put up a water repellent. It's connected by a hose to the water outlet that's always on, and is motion sensitive. It's set to spray for any sign of movement. So if the deer comes near my trees it goes off. It has 180 degree sensors so it should protect for any invaders in the garden. Of course there are some that just ignore water spray and keep on helping themselves to your stuff - like squirrels did to my strawberries. And you probably noticed in the picture that the strawberry bed is now covered with the netting. So far it seem to be working against the squirrels. The same netting you already saw on my beans and blueberries. We also put the same netting over our trees - plums and nectarines. As you can see it's loosely wrapped around the tree so it can grow but still prevents deers from stripping the leaves.
Unfortunately we were too late to protect our cherry trees and they got stripped but maybe they'll grow and will bloom next year around.

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