Planning for 2015 Garden Year

Happy New Year everyone! No, I didn't vanish off this earth quite yet :) Just took few month to rest during late fall/winter season when there's not much to do in terms of gardening. Given that we're up to our ears in snow and temperatures are below zero at night, we are every day slowly inching toward spring, and I do get the urge to get my paws into the soil or at least start planing for the new season. And first thing to start was to organize my mess of seeds, sort through what's usable and what's need replenishment. 
 Thankfully for me my hubby came to help - he looked at my table with piles of seeds last week and just shook his head. Then last night we got a package with organizing supplies - plastic sleeves for 3-ring binders.

So we sat down and I sorted, while he put the packets into sleeves and books to keep it all nice and clean. We finished 3 full books - one for all tomatoes, peppers, herbs and flowers. One for beans and peas (they do take a LOT of space with bulky seeds). And last but not least, all others in alphabetical order of course.
This way it will be much easier to do my planting - take the book I need to the garden and plan one variety of veg at the time without having a seed disaster all over the place. Plus it's so much easier to find things now - they are "tabbed" by groups so all lettuces and greens are together, all squashes together etc.  Now all I need to do is cross-check with my excel spreadsheet and update full list of what I'm going to plant in my garden and what will be planted at the community and the farm instead. This year I've added few new things that are "hybrids" that I'll be planting at the community - just to see how well they perform, and few newer types for the farm. The owner of the farm already asked if i wanted to expand my plantings since she's not likely to spend as much time as she'd want playing with it so I'm really looking forward to that experience. I want to put most of my peppers and tomatoes into the farm area, because the soil is just so much better. Plus if you read my previous posts on planting garlic - I took one of my long beds away from nightshades to give it a break.

How's your planning going for the new garden year? Stop by and share your comments :)