Container Garden

Another question I can hear coming at me - what if I don't have space for actual garden bed, can I still grow something on my patio in containers? Of course YES! Do you really think I'm limiting myself to only small area to grow things? All my herbs are in containers. All my strawberries used to be in the containers until I transplanted them outside. This is what my patio looks like right now.
Here I have several tomato plants in larger containers in the background, alpine strawberries, basil, thyme, raspberry and blackberry bushes (will be transplanted as soon as the area is prepared for them), 3 containers with peas (they are now in bloom btw), carrots, chives, parsley and oregano. I reused some of the containers from other plants that we got from nursery - blueberries and grapes that were already planted outside, so I transplanted some of my tomato seedlings into those containers. That way I can have them in the garden and on the patio. I also used some Roma tomato plant (large one in a cage) for sauces that came from nursery because I was not about to buy seeds for one plant. The same is for cherry tomato in the hanging topsy-turvey. However that poor plant is just not doing too well. Since that picture was taken I added more containers and now have yellow squash, zucchini and watermelon growing on the patio as well. I don't have enough space for them in the actual garden but wanted to see if I can grow them so I planted seeds. This year is very experimental - I planted everything I could just to see what takes well and what not so I know what I will plant for the future.

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