Every day I go into the garden and snatch ripe strawberries and eat on the spot. But today it was first day that they made it into the house!  Not many of course, but it's a good start.
Summer is just starting and I have both June and Ever-bearing strawberries so I should have decent harvest in June and then few for snacking throughout the summer time. And now that it got really warm they'll grow even better without any interruptions like frost.

Memorial Day harvest

This week we have greens overload. I picked many salads, arugula, kale, and lots of herbs like parsley, thyme and oregano to dry for later. Also picked spring onions and one smallest garlic that I could find - just to see if the head started to form.
Totals for this week were:
Alliums: 3.7
Salads: 49.5
Kale: 10.4
Herbs: 27.6
And some things were not weighted in - this salad was growing in our hydroponic system.
First two ripe strawberries were picked and eaten on the spot! but more are ripening for later. It was too good to wait. And a first snow pea!

End of May Frost!

This year weather is definitely throwing us up for a loop. First we had VERY late winter and it spring was not in a hurry to get here. Then it's a roller-coaster between 80+ and down to 30s, with wild storms, very high winds and very cold nights. Last week two days were in upper 80's and had to turn on A/C to get some sleep at night. Then 4 days of rain and freezing nights. Today finally sunshine but few minutes ago we got another frost advisory alert. At the end of May?? It is really beating up all my plants outside, with tomatoes, peppers and melons all planted this frost is the last thing I need. I already lost most of my carrots and climbing beans to bugs, so would really be nice if Mother Nature would cut us some slack already!

Harvest May 19

Garden is doing so-so these days, some are growing nicely like greens and onions, but some are not so much. Peas are definitely lagging behind, beans and asian greens were ravaged by bugs and carrots are non-existent this year, with only a handful growing instead of a full bed. But we do have enough greens and such for meals - mizuna, arugula, salads, spring onions, kale and radishes.

This weekend I planted more cucumbers, squashes and melons to replace what frost killed last Monday. Also got red and green okra transplanted to the unprotected side. It's been wet and cool weekend but the rest of the week supposed to be in 80 so I hope that all peppers and tomatoes that were planted will finally pick up in growth.

Ramps, Ramps and more Ramps!

I went for a walk in a park after work and found a hill covered in ramps! So of course had to pick few
- I could have picked truck full of it if I wanted! Some will be eaten and some will be planted.
 Just look at these beautiful bulbs just asking to either grill or sauté them! or make a soup or add in a salad.
 So I ended up with a steak and sautéed ramps in balsamic reduction. YUM!

Harvest Monday, May 13th

I forgot to post harvest for today's Daphne's Harvest Monday, May 13th so apologies in advance. Here are some shots throughout the week based on what I felt like eating or snacking on :)
Too bad we got hit with frost last night and will again tonight but too early to see what damage if any. How does your garden grow these days?

Around the garden May 10

Some pretty visuals of what's changing in the garden, starting with some pretty flowers
Here are some flowers promising many berries later in summer and some greens.
And some regular greens for the kitchen.

And some not so pretty - these is a lot of damage from bugs and snails once again and looks like Asian greens took the brunt of  it, even if everything has been covered by floating row covers. And since I refuse to spray all this will be pulled out.