Garden pests

There are obvious garden pests that I have to worry about and not so obvious. First there are bugs and caterpillars that like my greens. Then there are beetles that like my potato greens and I will have to keep an eye on my tomatoes for any molds and diseases. Since I don't use any chemicals or pesticides it will not be easy to keep them healthy but I will try my best. And then there are 'furry' pests that I'm trying to keep out of my garden. I already said we had to build a fence to protect from deers, but we also have groundhog who made himself a layer under our shed and lots of squirrels. And I can hear city folks saying now "squirrels are cute, they're harmless". Yeah, right! I used to be just like that until now. Take a look at these shots.
Squirrel made a nice lunch out of this berry this afternoon. And this one.
I found 5 berry leftovers today - all were left yesterday because we wanted to get them more ripened before gathering and now I wish we picked them up. All ripe or semi ripe berries are now eaten away. Tonight when my DF is back home we'll drop a netting over the bed and see if it helps protect some of the berries. Not sure if it will work but have to give it a try. And I also found some damage done by groundhog to my peas.
They're all eaten away in to the fenced area. And I'm sad because I was hoping that they'll be ok inside the fence and not in danger but I guess if the snout can reach it then it gets eaten. Oh well. Still hoping to have something left over for us to eat as well.

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  1. So far I'm lucky. I have no squirrels, no deer and no bunnies. I may be battling the bunnies this year though. Hubby found two babies in a brush pile at the back of our property. I figure it is only a matter of time before they find the free meal in my garden. lol

    Squirrels destroyed so much of my property when we lived in town I was glad to discover they don't like my rural property! (no old big trees)