What I do outside of gardening

There is another side of my life that normally is not known but some saw in my comment remarks -I rescue animals, mainly cats. As in every Friday and every other Saturday we do cat adoptions for our rescue group in the local PetSmart. In the same group I do some admin like updating bookkeeping records, newsletter, hound for supplies and some other small things. One thing I can't do is to actually foster cats - I don't have strength in me to let them go after they came under my roof. All 3 of my furbabies are rescues that came from my group.

In addition to all the local activity I'm also a sponsor for one of the rescue group in Los Angeles - Milo's Sanctuary, where they rescue and care for abandoned old, disabled and abused cats. They are truly angels in disguise - to deal with some of the most horribly abused animals that come to them takes alot of strength and effort and I can't say enough about their work. This week they came out with the first newsletter that shows what they're really doing and I'm passing it on to you.


  1. Jenny, Thank you for sharing. What a great way to spend your time. I would have trouble resisting bring home more fur baby's as well. We already have 3 and they wouldn't be happy with more fur-friends lol. 2 of our cats came from Cat Angel Network.

  2. OMG you are doing such wonderful work. Thank you for that. We have 3 cats, all came to us as rescues. We also care for 2 outside feral cats. I just can't say enough how much I love cats, they bring so much to our lives.

    Again, thanks for posting, sharing and what you do. AWESOME!

    1. Thank you! I can't imagine my life without my furbabies, just wish I had more time to do this. if it wasn't for having have to work, i'd probably spend half a day in the garden and half a day inside with cats :)