Just in time for Easter

Now the new garden has some pretty flowers just in time for Easter - lot's of planting and lots more to do but it's slowly getting there. We added border to make it clean and easier to take care of the lawn and also makes in more eye pleasing.Some of the plants that we placed got mowed down by deer overnight - star lilies are all gone, so we had to place a second water repellent to protect the rest of them. I don't want them to eat all my roses, blueberries and grapes that are planted along the fence. Hopefully deer will leave my flowers alone so I can have some pretties blooming at one point. That pink bush is a ruffled azalea in the front and I hope it will keep growing - it really is very pretty in person.


  1. Flowers are so beneficial around your garden. It helps attract bees that are needed to pollinate different vegetables, some flowers help keep away pests such as marigolds repels aphids, they are good to plant close to tomatoes.

    I just wish there was something effective that would keep those deer away from your garden!!

    1. Lisa - It's a constant tug-a-war with deer and other critters around here. Last night I saw 3 racoons in my old garden and they completely ignored my water repelant - digged up my potatoes and munched on them.