More radishes

Another day and another harvest. Ok, so it's not really harvest  - I just wanted something crunchy in my salad so I picked more radishes today, about 3oz total.
Normally I'd wait until the weekend but sometimes you just have to go with it - and my radishes paid the price. I think I'll have to stay out of the garden for next couple of days so I can actually have a normal 'harvest' post on Monday :)


  1. Nice radishes. I'm the only one to eat those so I don't plant them. And no need to stay out of the garden, just take photos of what you harvest and post them all together on Monday. My daughter harvested lettuce and spinach this evening. I wasn't home for dinner and I forgot to tell her to take a photo.

  2. My husband also is not a fan of radishes but I like them so I plant them for myself. He'll have plenty of other goodies soon. And I'm just too impatient and want to snip young lettuces before they're fully grown. I might pick out more bokchoy this weekend and just take pictures of them :)