Damage control and garden check

Finicky Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind on which season it is. First we got walloped with 2 feet of snow in October - when we're not supposed to have it until late November or December. Then all winter long it felt like spring time - my forsythia went into bloom for Christmas! In February and March it felt like late spring and even summer - we were in high 60's and even 80 for a week. And then for past few weeks it's been a rolercoaster - up to 80-90 down to 23 back to 80 down to 32. And now snow storm. Thankfully it just grazed us a bit and we got slight frost and mix of rain/snow and some sleet but nothing as bad as it could have been. I did a walk through to see if there is any damage and it's minimal - mostly those tomatoes that I planted prematurely that paid the price.  My strawberry seem fine - still blooming like crazy and I saw tiny berries forming.
My potatoes really starting to take off in growing very fast - but not as fast as weeds around them. I can't believe that I will have to do some first real weeding this weekend.
All seems to be ok our old grapes - we have 2 that were transplanted last weekend but I wasn't sure how it's going to take late season transplant so I guess all this rain helped to make it easier. It's a muscatel variety, so good grape for jelly but not for eating raw.
One of my new beds - I planted some bok choy, brassicas, spinach and swiss chard. It wasn't doing too great but now it seems to be better after 3 days of rain. We'll see how it does by the weekend. Once the bok choy is harvested I'll move some of the cabbages around to give them more space.
One thing that I didn't have to worry about is my hydroponic plants - they are safely inside growing and we've been picking them for dinner from time to time. It's a first time I got a shot of multiple stages on the same row so wanted to share.
The large one will be eaten this week but the smaller ones will be in about a week or so. Since they are nicely warm and have plenty of nutrients they are growing just fine :)


  1. Mother Nature has certainly been letting us know who's the boss this year. Your plants are looking good!

    1. I'm starting to worry what kind of summer we'll have this year. Hope to harvest at least something :)

  2. Glad to know your damage is minimal. I still have some more planting to do that I've been holding off on due to weather. Hopefully everything will get planted this weekend around here.

    I seen a rabbit of all things too close to my garden for comfort! I hope my barn cats who love to guard my garden keeps him at bay!

    1. I'll be doing more planting this weekend too - beans and maybe even some cucumbers and see if they'll be ok. It should be over 70 after the weekend so I hope they'll stay in the ground before that.

      Good luck with the rabbit! Hope he'll stay out of your garden.