How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow? That was a topic this week from both Daphne and Ed so I took my camera out for some shots, starting with some pretties - my tulips under the pine tree surprisingly still alive. I sprayed them with Liquid Fence and sprinkled area with cayenne pepper.And also noticed 'volunteer' potato peaking through by the tulip - this was a small potato patch with blue potatoes. I guess I'll find out if it grows or not in August.Daffodils are still going strong and look lovely surrounded by hostas just getting into full growth.More pretties in the first garden - purple tulips are on their way out but pink and red ones are just about to start blooming. There should be couple of green tulips but not sure if they made it over winter. We also have some greens coming up nicely this week and really going into growing season - Bok Choi is doing wonderful and will be ready to be picked soon. Around it some brassicas and lettuces so when I pick Bok Choi it will have more room to grow. And then when lettuces are done brassicas will have room to really spread out. Looks like we'll have some broccoli after all! Small broccoli is already forming on the stem - it's one of the replacement broccoli plants that I got after freeze. And there are several of them so I do hope for a good harvest about a month from now. I have to move some of them from back to give it a bit more room because it's very crowded there. On the left side of it is my parsley after it was "thinned" out for Monday's harvest - doesn't look like it was ever touched, right?My dwarf peas are coming along but VERY slow. I thought they'd be alot bigger now but I guess two weeks of frost at night really set them back. Hopefully they'll start growing better now that it's warmer.My ever bearing strawberries desperately need thinning out as well but they're all going into bloom now so I think I missed on my timing there, being busy with new garden I neglected my old one :( Still, I do hope we'll have some berries out of it. I did remove quite a few plants out last fall but still alot need to be moved. Maybe I'll take some smaller plants and get them as a border for new garden. Speaking of new garden, here's my update on the onions I planted in March - not doing too great. Maybe it's because they came in very dried out and in really bad condition but they just stayed the same for first 3 weeks and only now starting to show new growth. But then I usually plant from sets and this is first time I did live plants so we'll see if it worked. All those wooden stakes are placeholder for my tomatoes to be planted in May. New strawberries that I planted along the inner border are slow on uptake but hope they'll pick up now that it's warm again. Next to the actual fence snap peas woke up and started growing so couple of weeks from now my fence will be hidden by nice green lace of plants. More brassica's that I bought and planted after frost - cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli.Another bed of my potatoes - my Red Bliss and White are doing fine and waking up, but no signs so far from Yukon Gold - which I really hoped would produce something this year. Remember my poor sick tomatoes that were really nice and then something walloped them? Well I decided to give them a chance and see if they'll recover so I planted them outside in the new garden area between flowers. If they survive I'll have extra tomatoes. If not it's ok too. So far some are still alive.And speaking of outside flowers - I also mixed in some fruit like blueberries that are now in full bloom, grapes, raspberries and blackberries. Eventually they'll create a live green wall for my garden. Looks like I should have some blueberries if all those little critters will let me have them. New addition to the garden - baby fig! two actually, but the other one is still in dormant state and doesn't have leafs just yet. It's obviously too small to have fruit this year but I hope in couple of years to have harvest. I LOVE figs! Here is one of the grapes woke up and starting slowly to grow - only 1 out of 9 plants that I planted. I do hope the rest will wake up as well but so far no sign of any life in them. One thing that is growing too much is my rhubarb - this is after I picked 4 stalks already! I like it once in a while in a pie but not that much! At least it's pretty and fills up dark corner of my garden :)So, how does YOUR garden grow these days?


  1. My Yukon Gold were always the last to burst through the soil, way behind the others. It looks like your garden and mine are in about the same zine. Your broccoli and B. sprouts are way ahead of mine though. I might end up buying plants too!

    1. Granny - I'm not complaining because normally I would only start planting them after April 20th so having them grow already is a good thing. And my broccoli and cabbages that i planted from seed are slowly catching up on size - they lost few leafs after frost and recovery was slow, but they'll get here. Normally I don't see any of such growth until May!

  2. Jenny - Thanks for your comment on my blog. That spinach was planted last fall that's why it's so big. I believe it was Bloomsdale. This spring I planted Harmony Hybrid from Burpee and its' not at the size to pick quite yet. Soon though.