Future Fruit

One thing that I always wanted to have was my own fresh fruit. Any fruit. So as soon as we bought our home, we went looking for fruit. First we planted plums - you can see two of them side by side. The one on the right already was in bloom and I striped it, but the one on left is only now starting to show buds. And this spring we added one more plum tree - prune variety. I love eating them fresh! Looks like this tree is slowly starting to grow too so I hope it grows without any issues. Below is a shot that's a bit hard to see but these are our cherry trees. It's their 3rd spring with us so that makes them 5 yrs old. I was hoping for a good harvest this year but looks like I have to wait just a bit more. They are growing in front of our original aka small garden. And then we have our apple patch - two trees were planted last spring and one more this spring. From left to right we have Gala, Ginger Gold - newly added, and Golden Delicious. Both Gala and GD are in bloom as you can see from the shot below. Too bad we'll strip it.
And of course we have berries! Strawberries are going nuts in bloom so that should make my hubby happy come first harvest - and these are only from small garden. The ones in large new garden are quickly catching up on size!And yes, we'll have grapes. Some this year and should have lots next year. So my hubby can snack on them in the garden while sitting on the bench in the arbor - it's surrounded by two grape bushes and roses; or by making juice from extra grapes. And then there are red, gold and black raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and some wild kind that I'm not quite sure off - looks like blackberry but doesn't taste the same. And I added persimmon, figs and walnuts into the mix this year. Hopefully in few years I'll have a wonderful harvest of fruit! For now I keep thinking of investing in the future tasty deserts :)


  1. Jenny, just want to let you know that I've honored you with the versatile blogger award.

    I tried growing grapes for a few years, but never was able to time the spraying correctly. In this area unless they are sprayed you won't get a harvest. Gave them up because I hate spraying fungicide.

    You have a great collection of other fruit, lucky you!

    1. Thank you Ed, I'm very touched with the award :)

      And I hope to avoid spraying grapes or find organic way to battle pests. For me it will be a problem keeping animals away more than anything else. For now I just have to find patience to wait for all this fruit to actually grow :)