Long planting Easter weekend

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! This weekend has been VERY busy in the garden - beds were finally cleaned, leaves raked off the sides of the garden to open up tulips, hyacinth and daffodils that are just starting to wake up and peak from the ground.
Then large beds were tilled and raked, planted salads, beets, transplanted brassicas and spinach seedlings that were long overdue in planting.
Then more seeds were spread for spinach and Asian greens to keep rotation going.
In the two long beds I planted my onions - Walla-Walla, Ailsa Craig and Candy varieties.
In the far right L-shape bed I planted white potatoes that didn't want to wait much longer  and sprouted very long tentacles.
In the near L-Shape I spread many varieties of radishes - I love them for snacking and because they only need 30 days I'll have them ready before beans will be planted in that bed.
In the far left L-Shape I spread more seeds for Asian greens - mustard, bok choi and salads.
Using the space by the fencing I transplanted snow peas and planted 4 varieties of sugar snap peas and cleaned up strawberries that were planted there last year - hopefully they'll produce well this year.
Then switching to the small garden  I cleaned and planted one bed with purple and red potatoes, then in a second bed that had some of the strawberries and tulips I planted some of the fingerlings potatoes. That bed will be ripped in fall anyway.
cleaned up another bed with overwintered brassicas - red cabbage and broccoli - they're doing very well and started to grow fresh leaves. Same bed has nice overwintered parsley that is just picking up again.
Another bed that has garlic was also cleaned from covering mulch of straw that was protecting it in winter and given some compost to feed garlic.
And lastly I switched to the small bed by the shed - it was tilled and planted with leeks and red onions. Hopefully they'll do well without protection from animals.

Still a lot to do - need to finish planting more red onions and transplant more spinach from the addition. On my seedling shelves I have 60 tomatoes that woke up and started growing this week as well as 36 pepper plants. Some will be planted in the community garden but the rest in the main garden.
Today I added a flat of flowers that were seeded - they'll be outside of the garden - poppies, astras, marigolds and nasturtium. In about two weeks I'll start sunflowers.

Pictures will be posted as the garden turns more green.


  1. Wow! You are really accomplishing a lot! I planted a few onions and trimmed the raspberry bushes. Not much compared to you! We do celebrate Jesus death and resurrection. Happy Easter to you! Nancy

    1. I wish I could say "I trimmed raspberry" but it will take couple of more years before we get there.