Onions arrived!

Our onions arrived for planting! I ordered Red Candy apple, Walla-Walla, Allisa Craig, White Candy and Lancelot leeks. And while it seems like a lot of onions I'm actually going to share with in-laws so it won't be too much to plant.
Too bad we also got 6" of snow at the same night. I guess Mother Nature really doesn't want us to have early spring. Given that it will be low 30/day-20s/night for at least another week I'm going to be very much behind my schedule.  But once it gets clear of snow I'm ready to dig in!


  1. Hi! I am behind this year also. After such a lovely March last year I guess we got spoiled. Impatiently waiting but it is bitter cold today. You have a lot of variety of onions! Happy planting! Nancy

    1. Let's hope this bitter cold goes away so all of us can plant soon!