Growing in the house...

Now that the cold-loving transplants are outside in the garden, warm loving next-gen started in the house - tomatoes and peppers. Peppers are still sleeping, but tomatoes took only 3 days to germinate. I guess they're trying to play catch up with Mother Nature. 
I labeled the last rows of each  flat and made a grid list on the paper to keep track of all varieties - this way labels won't get in a way with lights. Once they're big enough I'll place labels by each plant.
Another thing that I've been playing with - home grown button mushrooms. It's fun to watch as experiment but I won't advise to make it for food supply - just too darn expensive to get a kit like that.
In couple of more weeks I'll go hunting for real mushrooms in the woods - Morels are about to come in the season. South areas like Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Washington, CA, Oregon, South and North Carolina, and even as far as Ohio folks have reported them in, so we're not far behind.


  1. Good idea to make your grid so that the signs don't get in the way of the lights. I have never gone mushroom hunting but have a friend that does! Nancy

    1. Good luck to your friend on a mushroom hunt then!