Spring is almost here.

Looks like spring finally decided to arrive  here - much later than usual this  year. First of our snow-drops showed up in the small garden - I'm trying to get them to multiply but not having much of a luck.
 And our crocuses slowly waking up - these were in the bed covered with plastic for the winter so they're a bit ahead of the others - everything else is still covered with ice and snow.
 One of my small beds in the original garden was under cover for winter - it has parsley, garlic, broccoli and red cabbage that was planted last fall. By the right border are some small gentle-pink tulips. Not sure if anything will actually produce but I'll leave it as is for now.
 And from another bed still surrounded by ice is overwintered Blue Kale - just starting to grow fresh greens so I hope to have them in a pot in few weeks.
But of course Mother Nature is not giving up that easily - more snow on the way tonight and tomorrow. Let's hope it's the last of it for this winter season.


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    1. well we expected it to be long based on all the nuts that squirels stashed away (the cleaned out all nut trees) but I was hoping it would be over by mid-march. Hopefully the rest of the spring will be nice and gentle.

  2. You and me both hope this is the last of the snow! Nice weather is taking forever to get here this year after we were spoiled last year. Your little crocuses are such a pretty color! I hope I can get some Kale growing soon. Nancy

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