Seedlings update

It's been a slow start at my garden but then weather is really not cooperating much either - we're expecting more snow tomorrow and Thursday so slow is not such a bad thing. But never the less, seedlings were started, first batch failed but second picked up. So here are my broccoli, salads and spinach, snow peas and some onions.
Onions is an experiment - I ordered onion plants already, but wanted to try growing my own from seed and see how it compared at the end. Another tray of greens started today to keep rotation moving without too much overload at harvest. I really hope that this weekend I will be able to prepare some of my beds that are covered with plastic and plant some of the greens directly. There is a lot of work to be done but for past few weeks all we got was rain and snow on weekends so nothing is ready. Oh well. Just roll with it.


  1. You have a nice batch of seedlings started! I just planted a few basil and Morning Glory seed. Wondering if they will grow as I don't have the proper facilities. We received about 12 inches of snow last night. Hope this is the last! Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy, hope your basil grows well. I will start mine in April when it's much warmer. We're in a mid of a snow-storm now.