Starting Sweet Potato slips

Last weekend I used 3 tiny sweet potatoes that were too small to eat to start my sweet potato slips. As you can see I'm using toothpicks to hold them above the glass rim that is filled with water. Only few days in and plenty of roots are already formed and first leaves starting to form.
Hopefully it will give me several more slips so I can have at least dozen plants. We really don't need more than that for our use.


  1. Your sweet potatoes are doing great. I tried once but didn't have any luck. Since then I have decided not to take up any of my space to plant them as they are not on the dirty dozen list of things to buy that has the most pesticides. Would be fun if we had lots of space to do it. (and the energy!) Nancy

    1. Thanks, last year I planted them a bit late but still have pretty good harvest, so if I get them in mid-may they just might be ready for thanksgiving.