weekend garden pictures

my 'runt' tomatoes that survived two frost and disease are doing pretty good! (and yes, I need to weed)
Purple Dragon Carrots mats finally visible without too much strain on eyes
Potatoes going to bloom soon, which means I'll be able to pick some baby potatoes in June
Several Astibe plants that were grown from roots are doing very well!
Purple Irises are all over the front door by the garage, around the mailbox and by the driveway.
My first peony is just about to open up! this is a deep burgundy one that was planted in spring 2009
The pink ad white one are also going to give me preview of what to expect next year.


  1. Replies
    1. thank you, I love alot of colorful plants all over the grounds.

  2. The two frost bit tomatoes look like they are recovering well! Can't wait to see the peony in full bloom!

    1. Actually there are over a dozen of them - they were all sick when i tossed them out in april; got hit with frost twice and a hail once. And yet they recovered very nicely! almost as good as the ones i planted inside the garden.

  3. Our peonies are starting to open up as well.