Monday Harvest

I'm a little late with harvest today so will make it short and let pictures talk.. Picked today were bok choy and some onions..
and Swiss Chard, Spinach and parsley...
 parsley came up to 2.2 oz which is pretty good considering that it's all being dried.
this is Swiss Chard that was 7.2 oz and will be my dinner for tomorrow night
Spinach is in a container to make it easier to weight in - 11.1 oz of it (container weight did not count)
upclose shot of it comparing to my hand just in case ;)
Bok Choy was the bigest hit - 1 lb and 7.4oz of it - will be frozen for laer.
And some onions - 8.7 oz of them. Not much but onions are not doing too good this year.


  1. Nice harvest! Lots and lots of green this time of year, but it sure does taste good.

    1. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, as it getting very warm now most of the greens starting to bolt. Now if the rest of the garden will catch up and start producing that would be even better :)

  2. oh i looove bok choy! especially in stir-fry! how is it to grow?

    1. It's super easy to grow and it grows very fast! no fuss at all. I used dwarf variety and love the taste!