Infatuation with soil

... but not just your regular soil that I have in my garden. It's black, rich, silky and smooth and the moment you step on it you just want to dive and roll in it and have it sift through your fingers and of course plant as many things as you can. No, I don't have that soil. Someone I know has it on her farm - Hesperides Organica. I was part of her CSA before we bought home and from first time I touched that soil when I visited her I fell in love. Yes, fell in love with dirt. Whole area  is like one giant bowl of super rich compost that was accumulating for many many decades and From time to time Lisa lets me play with it, come and help plant or pick veggies or do some weeding. Last year she let me plant some potatoes but it was not a good year for me because of the medical issues and alot of travel for work I was not able to play as much as I hoped to and then hurricane Irene hit and wiped everything out. That was absolutely heartbreaking to see everything wasted like that and just in prime time for harvest too. All those beautiful tomatoes that were still green, peppers, eggplants, squashes, wall of sunflower. But she's rebuilding. And going to have another CSA this year. And I hope she'll let me play again and help her plant some herbs so I can have that silky black dirt in my hands once more :)


  1. You didnt mention the smell. The smell of rich black compost/dirt is what I love!

    I recvd the package in the mail yesterday, thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Yes, the smell is adictive too. One of the reasons I love picking mushrooms is that earthy smell. And I'm glad you got them, hope they'll grow well for you.