Around the garden after rainstorm

We've had rain on and off for past two weeks, with exception of the weekend when it was actually nice and warm. While some of it is good for garden, too much of it is not. I'm looking forward to a nice dry weekend again. But for now here are some beauties for you.
Lovely baby from the small garden - it's first after planting it 3 years ago.
And another peony bush also in bloom by the driveway surrounded by Iris
First to open on it was a bit beat up by strong storm but it's still pretty
this one is just starting to open up!
peas in the small garden are in bloom but I have no idea if it's snow or snap peas. I think it's snow so my hubby will be happy to have them in his meals.
Alpine strawberry in the pot on the patio - one of my favorites. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be good year for strawberries because they're getting moldy before getting ripe and very tiny for some reason.
White Rhododendron is in bloom and bumblebee is having fun with it.
Very large blue iris on the back of the house - desperately needs to be split and moved in fall.


  1. Replies
    1. i love them! I planted several more around new garden this spring and can't wait to see them all bloom.

  2. Very nice flowers, glad you are getting steady rain. This Sunday will be 2 weeks since we have gotten a drop. It has been a very dry spring.

    1. I wish I could send some of the rain away because it's causing my plants to rot and get moldy.