Meet one of the destroyers of my garden. I've been fighting with him for 3 years ever since we bought a house and found out that he came with the territory. Here he is just out of his hole which happens to be under our shed.
And just look how fat he got! that's all my greens he's been chewing from spring to late fall. He's completely not afraid of people anymore and has been trying to raid my first garden ever since we've build it.
Last year he climbed the fence and completely demolished all my greens in their prime time. I know the picture looks crowded, but these were my salads, swiss chard, peas, beans and spinach bed. I had to rip it all out because what he didn't eat he trampled on and contaminated them. Absolutely horrible experience.
And he's not a stranger to my patio unfortunately. There is no way to keep him out of the patio because it's wide open so he's been demolishing my strawberries, greens and even tomatoes. This was an almost ripe Brandywine that I was going to pick the next day. Well too late.
He also does not stop with semi-ripe and goes for green tomatoes as well.
I will need to wrap planters in netting and see if it helps this year as we'll probably have about another dozen or so of them on the patio. I really hate the damage he does but yet still can't kill him. And now I have 3 raccoons to add to that group. This is going to be a hard year to garden.


  1. I would relocate him and the coons!

  2. Get a trap to take him away to a park or something. I've seen the groundhog but so far this year he is staying away from my flowers. He hasn't tried to get in the garden. Living in the woods there is so much else for groundhogs to eat. Good luck this year.