Flowers for next year

Ah, the joy of fall gardening catalogs that start arriving every day now. Of course I had to look through them and order some goodies for next year, including some new flowers. JUNG Seeds catalog was my pick for this time. I have to be very picky with my selections not only for colors, but I have to pick flower that deer and groundhogs won't eat as soon as I plant them. So selection was to pick a lot of bearded iris and daffodils for outside, sunflowers for borders inside the garden and few smaller things like asters, rudbeckia and angelonia for mixing into the current border of the large garden.

I haven't quite started to pick seeds for veggies, but i do know what I want to update. While many of the seeds are saved from current plants, I do want to update some that did not do well. That's for later.

Maine scenery and lobster fishing

Few things we did in Maine other than just lay back and enjoy gorgeous sunsets at the beach, was to go fishing (I caught tiny yellow perch and released the bugger back to the lake), and took a lobster boat trip - we got to see how locals prep and set cages for lobsters, and then "harvest" them afterwards. It's fascinating to know that lobsters migrate with the cold and fishermen follow them. And not every lobster gets picked - they must be certain size etc. I took a short video of the explanation of these details. By the way, my lobster was released back to the wild as I no longer eat them, but my hubby had his fresh cooked right on the boat. 
And here are some beautiful scenery that we saw while we were on the boat tour. It's much better in person. Lots of birds migrating, seals on rocks and in the bay going after fish, bald eagle nest, lovely lighthouse views and of course gorgeous shore views with high cliffs.

Gardening in Maine

As I mentioned earlier today, we spent a week in Main in Winter Harbor. Our host had a small garden in the yard, and it's very lovely with the view right into the bay. I thought that it was wonderful that she was able to do such a good job with it given cool winds and much cooler temperatures of this summer.
Later on I will post some very lovely pictures of the surrounding areas and wild plants that I found while we were there, but for now you can browse through some pictures of other gardens and planted flowers in that local area.

Harvest September 15

I've been out on vacation for almost two weeks and we spent out time in Maine - I'll do a series of posts on that later, but for now a quick catch up on my harvests that my sister was picking while we were gone. Beans are still producing, but slowed down. I'll leave the rest of the yellow runners to go to seed.
In the community, few melons were picked, including Crenshaw (i found it to be too sweet), few remaining zucchini's before I ripped all vines out, Cherry tomatoes and the last of the cucumbers. On the vine we still have couple of watermelons ripening, and few small butternut squash - all large ones walked away with someone else.

Fresh Dates

Those who follow my blog for few years now probably got it that I LOVE fruit. All fruit. Sweet, sour, soft or crunchy. From first few strawberries, blueberries, to late apples - it's all welcome. I also love tropical fruit and even started growing my own lemons and other citrus, small banana palm and a pineapple. But sometimes I get a cravings for thing that are not available in this area, and my sister either brings me fruit when she's visiting or sends in a package. Today is one such day - I got a box of fresh Dates. Most people have tried dried dates (usually stuffed with peanut butter for some reason which makes me gag). But how many have tried fresh variety?
On the picture you can see some are still very light color - they are very crisp and crunchy, not very sweet and have this tart/numbing property when you eat them - I LOVE them. On another hand, few are very very ripe and you can see them by dark overripe color - they are very mushy and that's what usually being used to dry. They are SUPER sweet and I'm not a big fan of that. I like the nice middle- almost fully ripe but still a crunch to it.

Next on my target is to get fresh green pistachios once they're in season in October! I love fresh not-dry nuts like walnuts and pistachios so I try to find them whenever they come on the market. Afterwards it will be very large pomegranates and Pomelos right in time for Christmas :)