Spring colors

Ah, first colors of spring.. My hyacints decided not to get larger before opening up but it's ok, I like the color anyway. And right next to it is my white crocus blooming away. Can't figure out why my white ones are large but purple and yellow are tiny. Oh well. They are all pretty. Let's just hope more will open up before weekend so I can enjoy them while doing more garden work! And it will be busy weekend as my soil is getting delivered on Friday. 20 yards of it. Wish me luck shoveling it because I'll need it!


  1. pretty flowers! i had never seen a crocus. interesting! i'm adding that to my list of flowers to plant.=)

  2. My hyacinths started to bloom this way too, when the temps went into the 70's they popped open over night, then the stems began to stretch.