Alot more seeds planted!

I never thought that I can run out of space where I can put seedlings and out of growlights to boot. I've planted few trays of seedlings this weekend and tonight added more that i wanted to plant but was too tired over the weekend to do. So far I hope that they'll grow nicely so we have: Brussels sprouts; cabbage babies triplets; broccoli; cauliflower; purpleflower; celeriac; oakra; celery; brocolini; beets; swiss chard; spinach; whole bunch of herbs.

But the main part of space was taken by nightshade varieties:

Pepper - Sweet Chocolate 4
Pepper - California Wonder (Sweet Organic) 3
Pepper - Chinese Giant - Sweet Red 3
Pepper - Habanero Red 2
Pepper - Hungarian Hot Yellow Wax 3
Pepper - Jalapeno 3
Pepper - Jalapeno Early 3
Pepper - Long Pepper Mix 2
Pepper - Pepperoncini Italian 2
Pepper - Purple Beauty 8
Pepper - Quadrato D'asti Rosso (Sweet Red) 4
Pepper - Sweet Banana 4
Tomato Ananas Noire Or Black Pineapple 4
Tomato Big Rainbow 3
Tomato Black From Tula 4
Tomato Black Giant 2
Tomato Black Krim 4
Tomato Caspian Pink Heirloom 2
Tomato Cherokee Purple 2
Tomato Chocolate Stripes 2
Tomato Grandma Oliver's Green 2
Tomato Green Zebra Heirloom 2
Tomato Hillbilly Heirloom 2
Tomato Marmande 2
Tomato Mr Stripey Heirloom 2
Tomato Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge 1
Tomato Pink Brandywine 4
Tomato Prudens Purple Heirloom 2
Tomato Purple Calabash 4
Tomato Red Brandywine Organic 2
Tomato Red Mortgage Lifter 2
Tomato Red Zebra Heirloom 2
Tomato San Marzano Lungo 4
Tomato Sarah Black 2
Tomato Super Italian Paste Heirloom 4
Tomato Sweet Million Hyrid (Cherry) 2
Tomato True Black Brandywine 4
Tomato Yellow Pear (Cherry) 2
Tomato German Green 2
Tomato Jersey Giant 2
Tomato Genovese 2
Tomato Old Italian 2
Tomato Subartic 2

of course not all of them will go into the ground - I assume that not all will germinate. But even if they do come up and grow all perfectly I guess I'll try to plant them outside of the garden and hope that deer won't eat them. I know it's alot of tomatoes and peppers but we use them the most after potatoes and onions and I want to preserve for winter enough that we won't have to buy any in store.

I also did couple of trays of flowers that will be planted outside of the garden area to make it pretty. They will join my bulbs of gladiolus, crocuses, daffodils, hyacints, lilly of the valley and tulips - i've planted delphinium, marigolds, nasturtium, snapdragon, sweet pea, hollyhock, bachelor buttons and few perenials like ornamental grass, peonies, iris, sage and lavendar. I really hope it will all come out just right and we'll have a beautiful garden.


  1. That's an imprsessive list of tomatoes and peppers. With that many planned it looks like you'll have more than enough to share with the deer. You may want to try edging them with sweet basil. When I lived in NJ and had a deer problem, I discovered that deer will not touch sweet basil!

    1. Actually I'm planting with idea of sharing with neighboors and my inlaws. some of the plants will go to them too :) I always put basil around tomatoes and some onions as they improve taste. Hopefully that will deter deer from outside plants :)

  2. That's a lot of tomatoes :) I love some of the names: Hillbilly, Mr.Stripey... I'm hoping to preserve enough for the year too, I have a feeling I'll be wishing I had planted more. Your list makes me wonder if I should plant more peppers. Do you preserve them or eat right away?

    1. There are many varieties that I have not tried before so I don't know how they'll turn out. That's why I have some of the old trusted ones in multiple settings. And we do use alot of peppers both fresh and in cooking - I make cooking base with tomatoes, peppers, onions, celery and carrots and jar it for winter so when I want to make a meat sauce I just toss it on the skillet and add meet :) i also chop some and freeze for cooking for winter time as well and make salsa for winter. It's all going to be used :)

  3. Holy tomatoes!! Start buying those canning jars now- lol!

    1. Actually we've been canning our own for past couple of years so jars we have ready! I planted San Marzano, Jersey Giant, Old Italian, Marmande and Super Italian Paste just for marinara :) And considering how many people already have asked "you're going to share with us those nice organic heirlooms, right?" - I don't think it will be too many or wasted.