A day of pictures..

Today was a good day to take some pictures of the garden. Let's hope that all these flowers and greens won't be wiped out by hard frost. First is a little nook by porch stairs where we have crocuses, hosta, hyacinths and rhubarb - all awake and growing already. A little bit of a close up image of some hyacinths on the other side of the stairs.
And one more - it's actually bright yellow but for some reason it's not really visible on picture. I'm not sure if it's because it's cloudy or whatnot but it's really lovely color in person.
Then in the original garden - some of my broccoli that I transplanted two weeks ago seem to be doing good so far. They are a little close to each other but space is at the premium here and I took a chance of keeping it less than 1 foot per plant.
And in the cold frame my arugula went wild with growth! I'll be picking it tomorrow for dinner.
Also in the cold frame my salad is doing fantastic - and also will be picked tomorrow.
And on another bed some of my garlic that survived are growing nicely. right behind then in the corner is one of my peony plant full awake. Let's hope it will have blooms this year.
Around the corner in front of the house purple azaleas are in overdrive. It was planted before we got the house and it was right next to the pine so it obviously loves the acidity provided by the pine.
My beautiful plum tree is full in bloom and I can only hope that wrapping it in sheets for a night will save it from frost so I can have plum jelly. As you can see it's already wrapped in mesh netting to save it from deer - all our trees have to be done this way or deer strip anything down to a stub.
First daffodil is blooming! I have few of them in a flowerbed under the pine tree and hope that in couple of weeks when everything blooms at once I'll have some nice shots.
My Bleeding Heart woke up and even has some blooms coming out! It's the only one that I'm not worried about with the deer as they don't touch it. I have 3 of them already growing from last year and this year I'll add few more around new garden. And finally my new garden area (still under construction as you can see) - planted two onion beds - one with white Spanish, 1/2 bed of Walla Walla and 1/2 of red onions. This will be the same bed as tomatoes - stakes are placeholder so I know not to plant onions too close there, but in between they should do fine. I'll add some basil as well once tomatoes are in place. I can only fit about 30 on these two beds without squishing them too close and cause problems, so will have to do many containers. And I still have to bring in alot more compost to add to these beds to top them off. Maybe that will be done next weekend.


  1. Spring is in full swing there!

    1. Spring came at least a month early than normal for this area. Not quite sure if it's a good thing just yet.

  2. Looks like you are getting it all together, how much of that 20 yards of soil do you have left to shovel?

    Those azaleas are lovely.

    1. About 1/2 way there. We just finished filling all main boxes, so now hubby doing the outter ege - those will be 10 inches before the fencing inside with wooden box barrier and it will spread outside about 4 feet more. We just started doing the fencing on the back today.

  3. Good deal, slow and steady and you will get it done!