Spring planting and seedlings update

It's been another few long weeks, cold and pretty miserable on our part of the world. But finally snow has melted, first week with temperature above 40 during the day and lots of rain to wash out beds, trees and get things growing again. So how bad was that storm? Judge for yourself. My cold-frame was not really accessible for quite some time.
 But snow is gone, and first signs of life visible once again with first tiny flowers.
And I even tempted Mother Nature and planted first few greens outside on one of the beds. It has some spinach, both regular and strawberry types, and some broccoli and cauliflower.
I grew them at home as seedlings and then transplanted outside after hardening off for about a week.

And seeded some radishes, lettuce and more spinach. Also put some first peas but it might have been premature as we still get frosty nights. Hope they'll grow anyway because I'd love to have some fresh peas soon.

And at home I have some other seedlings minding their time. Bell peppers have taken off like weeds and growing nicely, lots of tomato plugs have been transplanted now into individual cells. Even few eggplants have started to grow really nice but have to remain sheltered until end of May.
So what are you growing this time of the year?


  1. You are well on your way! I've just prepared a few beds so that they are ready to be seeded with some early greens but we are in for a lot of rain over the next day so it's going to have to wait until the weekend.

  2. Hello Jenny, I am so happy to have found your blog. I am a learn as you go gardener, LOL. Three years ago this Spring my husband and I bought a little fixer-upper on an acre of land. We have never had a place big enough to actually have a garden before. So, now in your retirement years as others are down sizing we are up sizing. I truly believe that after retirement you need ways of staying active and gardening has always been a dream of mine and I'm not getting any younger . . . if not now, then when? I'm your newest follower and while I'm typing this I would love to invite you over to visit my blog. Maybe there will be something there to interest you enough to follow me back. Anyway, I looking forward to gleaning gardening knowledge from your lovely blog.
    Great to meet you!
    Connie :)