Seedlings and Flowers

Once again I've been too quiet, but it doesn't mean that I'm not gardening. If anything, I'm too busy really to blog. Lots of stuff to take care of every day and each day I fall farther behind. My house turned into a greenhouse with all the seedlings. When it's warm and sunny I get them out on the porch, but at night they come right back. So my floors are all covered with the seedlings.
Some of them I'm really looking forward this year - melons for my hubby and watermelons for me. I just hope we have good summer for them as this area can swing either too cold or too hot and dry. 
And outside everything is in bloom. Cherries and Apples were blooming, tulips galore and lots of other flowers everywhere. 
So there you have it. Once something new grows,  I will try to keep you updated. For now, off to do some weeding!

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  1. Hi! I have plants on my floor in the house too! Probably not as many as you but I am getting tired of hauling them in and out! Hopefully nicer weather will be just around the corner for both of us! Happy Gardening! Nancy