SpringFest 2015

Snow is still on the ground, and to add to that frustration we just got alert for another snow storm that suppose to arrive tomorrow afternoon and dump anywhere between 3-6" of snow. Fun. Not.

But on a happier note, I went to the local SpringFest flower show that was all about flowers, designs, gardening and with promise of good things to come in next few weeks. So here are some snapshots of what they had in case of displays, flowers for sale, landscaping, innovative designs like vertical gardening as well as plenty of info and activities for everyone from kids to seniors.
There were also plenty of boutiques and antique decorations, giveaways like various flowers and veggie seeds, wine and jam/jelly tasting and of course lectures.
I was there as one of the helpers from Master Gardener group, and was on "seed docent" role - giving away seeds and answering any questions like "do deer eat them" or "will they grow in shade". It was fun actually to see how many people were interested in planting something for first time.

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