Flowers for next year

Ah, the joy of fall gardening catalogs that start arriving every day now. Of course I had to look through them and order some goodies for next year, including some new flowers. JUNG Seeds catalog was my pick for this time. I have to be very picky with my selections not only for colors, but I have to pick flower that deer and groundhogs won't eat as soon as I plant them. So selection was to pick a lot of bearded iris and daffodils for outside, sunflowers for borders inside the garden and few smaller things like asters, rudbeckia and angelonia for mixing into the current border of the large garden.

I haven't quite started to pick seeds for veggies, but i do know what I want to update. While many of the seeds are saved from current plants, I do want to update some that did not do well. That's for later.

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