Many people are aware that there is a hunger issue all over the world, and in US they call it "food insecurity" - meaning for families that are struggling financially, it can be hard to get good food (or any food) on the table each day. That's where some of the local communities have stepped in and joined in effort to deliver excess harvest to local pantries and food kitchens. One such organization is Ample Harvest - you can find it on the Facebook: - and read more about what they do in details. You can also see if you have too many veggies that can be donated to a local group by your area - their website allows you to search by zipcode.  The community garden where I help out belongs to one of such kitchens and benefits directly local people who are struggling. In past two weeks we've had two families stay in the area that lost their homes to apartment fire and they got most of the meals from that kitchen.


  1. That's a great concept, Jenny. We grow a lot but very little goes to waste. Then again, I don't grow as much as I could. It makes me think that with a little more space and effort I could produce a surplus that I could donate. I will think on that.

    1. We don't waste either, if we have some extras I share with coworkers and friends. The community garden plot is small and doesn't take too much time, but it's very rewarding. And this year it's supplementing my own kitchen as my garden is not as productive.