Small Patio garden in pots

Quick update on some of my plants that I grow on the patio in summer and at home in winter - my citrus and tropical collection. Most of my citrus has been in bloom since March and lately some that have been struggling all winter and shed many leaves have started to put out blooms and new shoots, so that makes me very happy. Here you can see in first picture is my Calamondin on left with Banana palm next to it. Potted potatoes are experiment to see where I will get better yield - bed or a pot and on bottom are my Bay leaf & basil plant. Second picture is my new replacement Fig and it just set baby figs on it so there's hope for some fruit in the fall. 
And these two are my Lime ready to burst into bloom on left picture; and Pink Lemon on the right - that's the one that has been struggling and you can see whole lot of new leaves on it starting to regrow. I guess it really didn't like winter.
Here's a better shot of the Pink Lemon upright, with the Mayer Lemon on bottom left corner behind it. And on the right picture is my Kaffir Lime - also been struggling but really took of in the past two weeks setting up new leaves. I do hope it blooms, but even if it doesn't I love using it leaves in my cooking for Thai food.
And lastly is my Meyer lemon full in bloom and setting baby lemons - I love this plant. It's been with us two years now and so far it's a happy camper. I do hope that we'll get lemons for Christmas again.
All these are on my small patio by the addition, but we also have a large patio at the main house - that's for another post later.


  1. Fabulous plants! Having a lemon and lime tree has been on my wish list for what seems like forever. Only problem is I don't have a good spot for them to overwinter. Someday, I'll probably just try it anyway and see what happens.

    1. I bring all these inside to overwinter since we have extra room. I hope you'll try it, the smell of flowering citrus is heavenly!