Bear in the garden and more flowers

My hubby made a new fluger to put on one of the posts in the garden - and it has a bear on top of it! I think it's very fitting, considering that we get visits quite often - like today! Picture is blurry because he was moving, but it's a 2 yrs old baby and I hope he'll stay for strawberries this year.   
Then we have some more flowers in bloom - Lily of the Valley is overwhelming the front door right under purple and white Rhododendron bushes.
And on the back of the house white Azaleas kicked into bloom, also mixed with purple Rhododendron.   
And we also have some greens that were overgrown in hydroponic so we plucked them out for salad and stir-fry. You'll see later a weight picture with the same greens.
In the back yard I put a fence around one of the chestnuts and hope it will survive. The other 3 wrapped in netting for now, but deer has proven that they know work around. And while I was there, I went to get few items for my salad - fresh garlic and few radishes to add to all greens from hydroponic. Yummy!


  1. Wow! A bear in the garden! No such thing here thankfully. Lovely blooms.

    1. I think it would be very lonely if I didn't have them here as they're very gentle and gorgeous to see. I think it's the wrong perception that people have about them - that they'll always attack. For most part bear will look for berries or something to munch on and is more likely to be scared of us than attack. So far we have a fox, rabbits, raccoon, bear, wild gees and turkey, deer and whole lot of birds and squirrels. It all makes it more interesting.