Transplanting seedlings

Today was a very good day to transplant my seedlings - tomatoes and peppers first. Originally I planted two 36-seed trays of tomatoes and about 24 peppers. As usual tomatoes turned into a "forest" and have been hardening off outside during the day, but only 50 will be planted in the main garden. Since we're supposed to have rain for next two days and temps in 70s today was perfect for transplant. Let's hope they like sunshine and rain.
 As you can see I already moved some to a large pots - these will be moved yet again over the weekend into 14" pots for the patio garden. I really hope that no more groundhog damage this year. Though raccoons visit is definitely a problem already.  Anyway, here are my slow-growing peppers. I have a bed in the large garden amended with composted sheep manure so hopefully it will help growing.
 The sweet onions that I planted from seeds are only now ready to be planted outside - they're actually going to go for the Community garden - I've run out of space in my own garden so will have to give them up.
 Another two novelties for me - fennel and artichokes. I've never grown either one so will be interesting to watch these. They'll be transplanted over the weekend to the unprotected bed and I hope deer won't eat them.
And lastly these two containers with tomatoes will be going for my coworker's garden so hope they'll keep growing and produce for her well!
How does your garden grow these days?


  1. Wow! You are planting a lot of tomatoes!! You must can a lot. Looks like you are going great guns on your gardening. Hope things turn out well for you. Nancy

    1. Actually it's a lot less than last year - it was 70 and it was just perfect amount of tomatoes harvested to last through winter. This year I'm planting less because I want to cut down on salsa and sauce and eat more fresh.